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TUNE IN: 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' Premieres Monday, November 14! #Tucker

Spirited Debate.  Powerful Reporting.  And it all happens LIVE.  Tucker hears YOUR voice and is tackling the issues YOU care about.  Following this historic Presidential election, Tucker is taking you to every corner of America, while utilizing the nationwide and global resources of the Fox News Channel.  Tucker takes no prisoners as he calls out the status quo.  You can count on Tucker’s signature style as he tackles political correctness in Campus Craziness.  And ridiculous overblown outrage gets put in its place when Tucker’s TwitterStorm comes along. 

Tucker Carlson Tonight will take you to the heart of issues largely uncovered by the media.  And @TuckerCarlson will interact with viewers LIVE, each and every weeknight using #TuckerIt all starts Monday, November 14th on Fox News Channel! Tune in!

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