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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild really struggles on the Wii U [UPDATE]

Updated on March 8th at 4pm ET: After spending countless hours exploring Breath of the Wild’s map, we’ve run into numerous points of interest that cause the frame rate to fall dramatically with the Wii U version of the game. ...

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Windows 10 may get new dedicated gaming mode in upcoming Redstone 2 update

Windows 10’s upcoming Redstone 2 update (aka, “Creator’s Update,”) is expected to introduce a variety of features that at least six people will care about, including a new 3D version of MS Paint, a “My People” feature that integrates with ...

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New Oculus update adds Facebook integration, real-names policy

Ever since Facebook bought Oculus several years ago, there’s been fears that the social media company would begin requiring mandatory Facebook integration or would otherwise hijack the VR headset in some way. Oculus’ new 1.8 software update doesn’t make that ...

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Sony announces new Slim PS4, will bring HDR lighting to all platforms with software update

The big news at Sony’s PlayStation unveil was the PS4 Pro, but it’s not the only new console coming to market. Sony’s new PlayStation 4 Slim (Sony is just calling it the PS4, but we need to differentiate it from the ...

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Windows 10 will receive an Anniversary Update with Linux support, Xbox One compatibility, and more

Update: An earlier version of this post implied that games would be among the Universal Windows applications that would run on either the Xbox One or PC. This is incorrect, the new capability refers to applications, not game titles. Microsoft’s ...

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