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Thrill-seeking tourists are getting way too close to Hawaiian volcano

National Park Service authorities have fined 13 French tourists for going beyond the safety boundary surrounding the active volcano Kilauea in Hawaii. The visitors were on an unauthorized tour that promised to bring them close to the volcanic action. While the 13 ...

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Island nation of Palau only wants rich tourists to visit

Got cash? Palau is seeking tourists with deep pockets.  (iStock) If you’re planning a trip to see the coral reefs and picturesque rock islands of Palau in the Pacific Ocean, you may want to bring a few extra bucks. Make ...

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Italian beaches cracks down on spot-saving tourists

Authorities from the coasts of Tuscany to Sardinia are cracking down on tourists who save prime beach spots for friends. (iStock) Does the early bird really catch the worm? In Italy, early birds may just get fined. Authorities in Italian ...

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Is it safe to travel to France? What tourists need to know after Nice attack

Police officers and a soldier stand by the sealed off area of an attack in Nice, France in wake of a deadly terrorist attack that killed 84 people including 2 American tourists. (AP) In the wake of Thursday’s terrorist attack ...

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Hiroshima hopes to attract more tourists after Obama's historic visit

The Atomic Dome ruin, which serves as a memorial to those who were killed n the atomic bombing of Hiroshima on August 6, 1945, was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996. (Andy Yemma) When President Obama visits ...

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