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NASA scientist warns Earth is due for 'extinction-level' event

  A NASA scientist is warning that Earth is due for an “extinction-level” event like a comet or asteroid strike — and claims there won’t be anything we can do to stop it. Joseph Nuth, an award-winning scientist at NASA’s ...

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NASA releases new image of mysterious bright spots on dwarf planet Ceres

NASA launched the Dawn spacecraft in 2007 with the aim of exploring a dwarf planet in our solar system. No, not Pluto — that was the task of New Horizons. Dawn made its way out to the asteroid belt between ...

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NASA saved the Kepler space telescope from a critical error last month

NASA’s Kepler Space Telescope is the spacecraft that just won’t quit. Despite a series of setbacks in recent years, it continues to operate and return valuable data on potential exoplanets. That almost came to an end last month when the ...

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