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Meet the new largest cruise ship in the world

Royal Caribbean came out with a flurry of announcements Wednesday, including the name and details of their newest and largest ship to date. Here’s what you need to know. 1. Symphony of the Seas will be the new largest ship ...

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Family mourning football player's death meet organ recipients

The family of Cam’ron Matthews, pictured right, donated his organs after his unexpected death.  (Fox 4 News.) The family of a high school football player who died following a head injury has met the four people he saved through organ ...

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So Green It Hurts: Meet the 'Passive House' in Portland

Built-in with Chalk Board Doors Master Bedroom Portland Passive House Pre-Fab Ikea Cabinets Previous Next Portland, OR, land of the eco-conscious hipsters spoofed in “Portlandia,” has one-upped itself: This energy-efficient “passive house” is on the market for $ 699,000. The ...

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Blizzard to meet ex-lead designer, Nostalrius devs over classic World of Warcraft server

Last month, Blizzard’s legal team shut down one of the largest third-party servers dedicated to classic World of Warcraft. That decision drew considerable fire from World of Warcraft subscribers, so much so that the company issued a formal statement explaining ...

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