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Musings Of An Average Joe: The Real Difference Between Left-Wing And Right-Wing Protest (Hint: It Isn’t The Violence)

By Joe Bilello – Fox News @Joe_Bilello

Ever since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States, the left-wing protest has been a seemingly daily occurrence across the nation. From college campuses to airports to the national mall, the perpetually aggrieved feel compelled to express their objections to whatever issue is the current flavor of the month.

Last week’s “March for Life” further emphasized the contrast between the left-wing and right-wing protest. Gatherers marched for their cause, committed no acts of violence, picked up and discarded every last piece of litter and returned home to their families and daily lives.

Many folks see the contrast between the peaceful right and the violent and destructive left as the major difference between the methods of protest from the opposite sides of the political aisle. But violent protest has always been a part of American society and not exclusive to one side (although it appears that way now) – and not always unjustified. And violence is not the most important distinction to be made when comparing behavior between conservative Americans and their more “progressive” counterparts.

The following are the real differences between left and right protest and why one side has been relatively effective in recent years and the other has not. There are many lessons that the left can learn from the right in regards to the techniques and substance of an effective protest.

You cannot protest emotion: This is perhaps the most important distinction to be made. An effective protest must have a tangible and substantive thing to protest if you desire a concrete outcome. If conservative activists protest high taxes and politicians lower taxes, then the protest can be viewed as effective. When leftists claim to protest hate, racism and sexism, there can be no gauge for the success of their protest.

Protesting for marriage equality is a tangible thing with an observable and concrete outcome resulting in the protection of laws. Protesting homophobia is not. Racism, sexism, homophobia, bigotry, etc. will always exist in the minds of those who believe it exists so protesting such emotions is a moot point. You can protest laws and policy, but not human emotions, especially if the scale of said emotions are only a figment of your imagination.

Don’t conflate too many issues: You should always protest what you are alleging to protest. If you witnessed any coverage of the “March for Life,” you didn’t come across too many signs reading, “We stand with Israel” or “No Pardon For Bergdahl.”

Every leftist protest appears to be a hodgepodge of causes and activists appear to be searching for any platform to make their voices heard. You may want what you consider to be “Justice for Trayvon” but a global warming protest may not be the ideal venue to express that sentiment. You can invalidate the intended cause by introducing too many unrelated or completely absurd causes. Why do so many women’s rights feminists want to “Free Palestine”? I have no idea.

Some on the left might have been surprised to discover that many on the right expressed opposition to President Trump’s recent immigration order that some referred to as a “Muslim ban.” But when protesters descended on airports around the country and began to chant “No borders, no walls,” all solidarity was lost.

Have some clue as to why you are protesting: One need not be a policy wonk or decorated scholar to protest. But always assume that you may be confronted by someone who may inquire as to why you are there. At least have some talking points prepared so you can at least trick some people into thinking that you are not the ignoramus that you are. Just memorize a few things of substance so you don’t have to say things like, “hate, Nazi, capitalism etc.” and embarrass yourself on national TV.

“Mostly peaceful” can still be extremely violent: Stop referring to violent left-wing protest as “mostly peaceful”. If ten thousand people gather and only five hundred smash windows, set cars on fire and throw rocks and Molotov cocktails at police, that should not be considered a “mostly peaceful” protest.

Don’t be ashamed of yourself: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. never covered his face with a mask. You are fighting for justice and equality, right? If you cover your face, you are either intending to commit acts of violence or you are ashamed of what you are doing. Either way, you shouldn’t be there. There are no masks or bandanas to be found covering faces at Tea Party or March for Life rallies.

Have some sense of your own irony: Just this week, activists converged on the campus of U.C. Berkeley to protest a scheduled speech by Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos. It was the essentially the same outcome as it always is when conservative or libertarian speakers attempt to address students on those bastions of intolerance known as the college campus.

As always, protesters hide behind the protections of the first amendment as a way to justify their protest. The irony of using their first amendment rights to deny another’s first amendment rights appears to be lost on these Constitutional scholars.

Nearly every protest inevitably draws the anti-capitalist crowd. The irony of protesting capitalism is also lost on these clueless drones. One can only protest in a capitalist society without fear of death or imprisonment. But in reality, the luxury of protest does not exist in non-capitalist societies when one spends the entirety of their existence trying to find something to eat.

Effective protest should always have a legitimate cause and a concrete desired result. At the very least, it should not be counterproductive to your cause.

Donald Trump is not going to resign, or even change his behavior, no matter how many protests take place during his tenure as president. The reality is that he will most likely become emboldened by the opposition. Left-wing radicals never understand that their tears are the most powerful aphrodisiac for conservatives and their behavior distracts from any legitimate grievance they may actually have.

The only thing that left-wing and right-wing protests have in common is that they both result in a rejection of liberalism.

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